Solo exhibitions

2024 Cities, RGUB, Moscow, Russia (opening 20th of May)

2023 Double vision, Sreda photo, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions

2024 The source is unnamed, New association of free, Nikitsky Boulevard 25, Moscow, Russia

2024 VIDEOFORMES 2024, Galerie Dolet, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2024 Ah, rhinoceros!..., New association of free, Nikitsky Boulevard 25, Moscow, Russia

2024 Photo drying, Zotov Center, Moscow, Russia

2023 There, I don’t know where (video), Brusnitsyn, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2023 2nd Karelian Biennale of Fine Arts, Petrozavodsk, Russia

2023 White noise, Stieglitz Academy Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2023 Vernissage (main exposition) curated by Anatoly Osmolovsky, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2023 A game of shadows, Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia

2023 Guiding thread. Incarnation. Finissage, Creative Industrial Cluster "Oktava", Tula, Russia

2001 First group exhibition, Actor`s House, Moscow, Russia

Group projects

2023 re:store : everything is possible, 8/10 Neglinnaya str.,  Moscow, Russia (now)

2023 Light. Image. Music, Museum-estate Arkhangelskoye, Moscow region, Russia

2023, Blue bird of happiness, Birdwatching, GES-2, Moscow, Russia

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